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My mission is to empower individuals in their creativity.

To help creative people to establish their companies and to promote their services and products.

Simply to enable people to lead their life through showing their skills, their creations, their dedication to what they provide, regardless if handicraft or artistic expression.



don't be afraid of VULNERABILITY...
because if you embrace
it's OK to leave
your comfort zone
for the COURAGE

Yes it's only me,
Rolf Markelius
as part of the world

My approach to work has many strands and engages a variety of tools, one being playfulness as another form of curiosity and readiness for experimentation.

Creation also means dedication, relentness endeavor to produce meaningful information in the form of photos, texts, graphics, art and digital products that connect people with people, just like you.

Creative ideas happen in this moment, in the NOW.
To value and celebrate this unlimited potential OF THE PRESENT MOMENT, is a principle that I have been cultivating and sharing through over 3 decades of yoga practice and teaching.

Keeping in mind the beautiful title of Shunryu Suzukis masterpiece,
"Zen mind, beginners mind",
my encouragment would be to practice the beginners mindset, even when your or my skills are that of an expert in some fields.

For many years already, renowned stress management experts, psycho-therapists, meditators, and many authors such as Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Eckhart Tolle have been underlining this possibility of celebrating human creativity by talking and writing about "The Now".

We all know that production is tedious, it's part of the effort that we ask of ourselves.
After creation comes production.... let's do it together!

My ambition

Making sure that my design and my communication exceeds customer expectations, regarding quality, style and performance.

Solutions for Your Business

Inovative Web Design

Why work with me?

For the creation of an attractive web site conveying timeless elegance, delivering the information that you find important.

Because this kind of work is fun, enhances our skills, makes us grow as individuals to a deeper understanding of our integration with other people, our surroundings, nature, the world as such.

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Repeating the same!

..and not just repeating the same....

When we learn things, we start by emulating.
The same pattern of knowledge transmission as we find with so many of our animal friends.

I gladly show how to do things, and I am pedagogically skilled at giving clear demonstrations of how programs and web publishing systems work.

But often I also ask myself questions about the next level:
do you want to train yourself or your staff to think in new ways?

Do you believe in the possibility to develop new skills that are not out of the box repetitions of conditioned behaviour?

When does it happen?

What do you want and what do you expect?

- one way communication that is unidirectional, top down
   or out to your customers
- meaningful exchanges
   that gives all a chance to grow,
   and enhance knowledge and creativity

We may want to speak about how
to establish a target specific communication
  of respect and integrity
- to convey the message of your key values
- to learn how to profit from frictions, tensions,
  or even disagreements

You decide how to make the synergy happen
in your team and in your company.

A World Of Infinite Opportunities

Do you miss the pre-marriage days
when you were of full expectations?

Maybe daily life isn't all that exiting,
but who knows when you're closer to reality?

Let's challenge the vision of yourself
to embrace your true self.

Diversity is Hope

Multiple intelligencies

There is so much creativity in this world and the human intelligence is ever evolving.

That is one of the manifold reasons to leave mainstream restrictions of the mind and express our individuality.

The theory of multiple intelligences was proposed by Howard Gardner to more accurately define the concept of intelligence and address whether methods which claim to measure intelligence (or aspects thereof) are truly scientific.His theory argues that intelligence, as it is traditionally defined, does not adequately encompass the wide variety of abilities humans display.